To win in sports betting I need to know what are the most common types of bets?

To win in sports betting I need to know what are the most common types of bets?

Sports betting could well go back more than two centuries. The truth is that the 21st century has probably been the main witness to the great explosion of this phenomenon.

Of course, the remarkable growth and expansion of the Internet is a key factor in the progress and evolution of sports betting, which is part of a world that has an increasing number of followers.

This space proposes a guide in which the basic betting topics will be mentioned, some advice for bettors, both beginners and experienced, will be presented, and the contents to be developed will be listed.

To start betting, naturally, you have to register with a bookmaker. And although it seems to be just completing some information and making a deposit of money, it is always best to explore everything possible in relation to each of the alternatives.

This will allow you to know the regulations of each operator, the payment and withdrawal options, matters related to Responsible Gaming and other points.

Beyond soccer, the passion of multitudes all over the planet, this manual will review how to bet on many other sports. Some also popular like tennis betting, basketball betting, horse racing, football betting, badminton betting, kabaddi betting, tennis betting, rugby betting and cricket betting. Others, not so much, called minority, such as snooker, darts and golf, among others.

We will show you each type of bet and how they work:

About the Teams or Contestants:

Favorite vs. Unfavorable / “Underdog”:

Before bettors can determine betting lines for a game, they must first determine which team is the favorite to win; and in turn; which team is the most likely loser (unfavorable) called underdog in English where the term originates and does not have a direct translation into Spanish, so in this sports betting guide we will continue to call it unfavorable or underdog.

   In simple terms: the favorite is the team that is expected to win the game and the underdog is the team that is expected to lose the game.

Straight Bets and the 3 basic types:

Money Line, Money Line or “To Win”

Bookmakers mainly offer two types of bets that involve a bet on a favorite or an underdog in any sporting event. The first type of bet is known as a “direct bet to win” in the Money Line or Money Line, there are other options that we will explain below

For novice sports bettors, the best place to start at any sportsbook is right here with money line betting.

What are money line bets or Money Line?

The money line or money line, is a betting option where all that matters is that the team or player you selected wins the game or sporting event, there is nothing else to take into consideration.

It is solely a matter of betting on who wins, be it the favorite or the underdog. In all sports or events, there is usually a winner and a loser. Therefore, in sports betting there is nothing easier than betting on the team to win.

How does the money line or Money Line work?

This sports betting guide shows you the key aspect of a money line bet is its composition:

The odds on a favorite correlate to the amount (bet/risk) a sports bettor would have to wager to win $100, while the odds on underdogs correlate to the amount a sports bettor would win by betting $100.

Money lines, or Money Lines, are available on sports betting platforms for all sports, including Football, NFL, NCAA (Football betting), NHL, Tennis, Soccer, UFC, MMA, Boxing, etc.

It should be noted in this guide that in the case of soccer sports betting, there is a third option when it comes to money lines, which is the draw between the 2 teams at the end of the 90 regulatory minutes and before extra time or kicks from the point of penalty. When betting on soccer you can bet on: Favorite / Unfavorable and on the Draw

The Handicap or Point Spread

The second type of straight bet offered by sportsbooks, which involves betting on a favorite or an underdog, is the handicap, spread or point spread (same thing 3 different names). Handicap betting is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of sports betting. Whether you are a beginner or a keen sports bettor, handicap betting is key to a solid strategy.

 What is the Handicap or Point Spread?

Betting on the Handicap, or Point Spread, involves betting on the margin of victory. Simply put, it is a bet that a team will exceed expectations rather than the outcome (win or lose) of the game.

Handicap betting becomes particularly useful when there is an obvious mismatch, and the favorite team appears to be a safe pick seems to be almost a “sure thing” in online money betting markets, where an outright bet just doesn’t turn out very well. attractive.

Bookmakers determine the point spread for their bookmaker, based on their perception of how each team will perform during a game and a set of mathematical rules; which are then represented by a certain number of points for both the favorite, from which points are subtracted from the final score, and the underdog, to which points are added to the final score, this is simply represented by positive signs +, or negative -, according to.

A handicap is established between the two teams, the favorite and the underdog, which levels the playing field, what is achieved is that a bet on either side is equally attractive. This also means that there is a scenario where a team loses a game, but a sports bettor wins their bet. On the contrary, also that of a scenario in which a team wins a game, but a sports bettor loses his bet.

Money line / Money Line next to the Handicap:

The payout for a point spread or handicap bet is determined by the relevant money line, which is usually indicated in parentheses next to the point spread. This is also known as “juice” or “juice” in English, the most appropriate way for us in Latin America would be: quota, margin or money line.

Margin is the commission charged by a bookmaker to accept a bettor’s bet; After all, sports betting is a business and a bookmaker is in the business of making as much money as sports bettors; However, bookmakers usually prefer not to take sides when offering betting lines, and therefore, although it sounds curious, bookmakers generate their profits from the margin they handle in each sporting event.

Bets on the Total Points of the event:

Beyond offering bets on the result of a game (money line) and the margin of victory (point spread), bookmakers offer another type of direct bet that we are going to cover in this sports betting guide: Betting on Totals too known as the high or low (over / under) of a certain number of points.

Here, punters can bet on the total combined number of points scored in an event by both teams or participants, and they do so by choosing to bet on “over” or “under” that predetermined total.

Combined bet options:

What is a combination or Parlay?

A parlay, or combination, is a type of sports bet in which several individual bets (usually 2 to 10) are combined into a single bet. Combining bets gives you lower odds of winning, but offers a much higher reward for winning. The higher the number of bets included in your parlay, the higher the payout for your bet.

About the Bookmakers:

Online vs physical locations

As the online sports betting industry grows bigger and bigger, the competition between online casinos and land-based casinos has never been greater. Where and how to bet on sports couldn’t be easier. In terms of profitability, online sportsbooks are overtaking land-based casinos due to their greater reach and ease of access.

Obviously, land-based casinos have their own brick-and-mortar charm. There’s the atmosphere and social aspect of being in a public setting, as people mingle from table to table, slot machine to slot machine and place sports bets. The buzz and energy can be attractive.

One of the main advantages of a land-based casino over online sports betting is that payouts are almost immediate, while online bookmakers take time to transfer funds to your bank account. Otherwise, online sportsbooks offer what land-based casinos offer and more.

Ease of access, privacy and security

One advantage of playing sports with an online sportsbook is the ability to do so from the comfort of your home. Placing sports bets has never been so easy. To begin with, there is more than one bookmaker within reach.

Not having to travel to a casino is also an advantage because it not only saves you time, but also allows you to bet on lines from multiple bookmakers. The privacy and security of playing from home at an online sports book can also be very attractive to many sports bettors.


Online sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses when opening an account and may also offer regular bonuses on your deposits. Here at Cazador de Apuestas we have developed specialized guides on the subject of the types of bonuses that exist, and the different types of bonuses.

Internet: Variety and innovation

In terms of selection, bettors enjoy choosing a wider selection of sports, casino games, slots, fantasy sports leagues and more thanks to technological innovation. Then there are the types of bets that are available at the click of a mouse.

Speaking of technology, with smartphones, tablets and laptops as well as free Wi-Fi connections at all times, gambling on the go is another advantage of modern life made easy by online gambling sites.

Managing your available funds

Generally, the general rule of thumb is ‘never bet more money than you can afford to lose’. Another is to ‘know your limits’. Deciding how much money you are comfortable losing, determining your limit and never betting more than 5% of your bankroll on any one game are some of the key components of successfully managing your bankroll and ensuring a positive and healthy gaming experience.

For example, if your total available funds is $100, your bets must not exceed $5 per game (5% of $100). If your total available funds is $1000, your bets must not exceed $50 per game.

For beginners, sports betting should start with small amounts of money to gain experience and confidence. Gamblers should never bet with money needed to pay bills and saving money when on a winning streak is a good practice.

How do the bonuses work?

Bookmakers offer a wide range of bonuses, from welcome bonuses to deposit bonuses. Sports bettors are always advised to read the fine print and conditions attached to any bonus.

One of the main things to keep in mind in a sports betting house is the rollover requirements, or “reinvestment”; which are the stipulations that a bookmaker adds to any bonus received and that determine when a bettor can withdraw funds from their accounts. The main purpose of a rollover is to protect overseas bookmakers from people taking advantage of bonus promotions.

To discourage this, sportsbooks require a certain accumulated volume of money at risk, or number of sports bets, before funds can be withdrawn; Otherwise, a sports bettor may be tempted to place a nominal bet and then try to withdraw the net funds (deposit plus bonus) which will be denied or cover a penalty.