Casino Games: How to Start Playing Live Roulette?

Casino Games: How to Start Playing Live Roulette?

Live roulette is one of the simplest live casino games to learn how to play, despite the fact that it initially appears to be a difficult game to start playing. It takes very little time to become an expert because of the simple setup and simple bets and odds. Getting to grips with the game of live roulette is simple with the help of our comprehensive reference to the game’s rules and tactics.

What is Roulette?

A tiny ball is tossed into a rotating roulette wheel that has colored and numbered slots as part of the casino game of online roulette live. You can wager on numbers before the wheel turns in an effort to guess where the tiny ball will land. French roulette, American roulette, and European roulette are only a few of the game’s variations.

The word roulette, which in French means “small wheel,” was first used to describe the game in France. Because of this, the dealer may frequently yell out French betting words, even in online versions of the game (for instance, a croupier may occasionally say “faites vos jeux,” which means “put your bets,” or “rien ne va plus,” which means “no more bets”). The earliest version of roulette dates to the 18th century, and it has undergone very little change since then. In actuality, the game has been played since 1796 in its current form. Roulette rose to prominence in the 19th century, becoming quite common in casinos across Europe and the US. Since then, live roulette has grown to be one of the most well-known and well-liked games in both traditional and online casinos.

How to Start Playing Live Roulette

Choose a table based on your favorite language, style, and bet size. Live PokerStars Roulette, Live Football Roulette, and andar bahar cash game app many other alternatives are available at the table.

You can make all of your desired bets for the upcoming round of roulette when asked to do so. The roulette table will reveal up to 10 of the largest payouts that could be made based on the numbers you have selected after you have put your bets.

The results column will display a history of the most recent winning numbers as well as the red/black, odd/even, and “Hot” and “Cold” result ratios, as well as a list of the most recent winning numbers.

The aforementioned outcomes cannot be utilized to forecast outcomes in the future, but they do offer knowledge about previous games that may or may not influence your decisions.

What are the types of Live Roulette available to play?

The classic version

In our live casino, we provide a number of traditional live roulette games, including a table that we created. Then there are a number of varieties from Evolution Gaming, including Double Ball Roulette, American Roulette, French Roulette, and European Roulette.

We believe you’ll have a great time whether you play on our own table or one of the live Roulette tables we offer. The live roulette dealers running the games will see to it that wagers are placed promptly and that everyone at the table has a pleasant time.

Lightning Roulette

A live dealer game called Lightning live Roulette online combines standard live Roulette action with cutting-edge RNG (random number generation) technology.

With new Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts, Lightning Roulette gives players more opportunities to win on top of the standard Roulette bets. In each game round, between one and five Lucky Numbers are struck by lightning, multiplying payouts between 50 and 500 times the bet.

The visually striking Lightning Roulette gameplay heightens the excitement of this live casino game. There is no limit to the number of players who can play Lightning Roulette at once.

What is the Difference between Live Roulette and Online Roulette?

You must have figured it by now. Live roulette is presented in real-time, within a live studio, by a real dealer, in contrast to regular online roulette, which is a software-based game where you play against the computer and initiate a spin yourself.

You’ll have the same sense of being at the roulette table in a real, traditional land-based casino when you play live dealer online live roulette. The live experience is enhanced by potential player interaction at the same table. You will be playing alone in a software-driven online roulette game, but you can enable or disable a number of features, including the dealer’s voice, background music, sound effects, quick spin when available, and automatic bet controls.

In live Roulette, the use of sensors ensures that results can be converted into data for the players to see.

The dealer is alive!

When playing live roulette online with a live dealer, a real person in flesh and blood is present in front of the camera. The dealer’s duties include calling for bets, flicking the ball when bets close, chatting with players to make their time at the table as entertaining as possible, calling out the winning bets, and carrying out additional tasks to make sure the game goes well.

Players can communicate with one another in real time by chatting while playing live dealer roulette. Dealers receive player messages and respond through their microphone, considerably improving the sense of being there in person. Players may also speak with the dealer in a text-based chat room.

All of our live dealer roulette games are streamed in high quality from live casino studios in real time. You won’t have to leave the comfort of your favorite couch to experience the thrill of playing against real dealers and competing against real players as you would at a physical casino.

How to play Live Roulette?

You can wager on any single number, a group of numbers, red or black, odd or even, numbers between 1 and 36, and the number zero to begin a game of live roulette (and also 00 if playing the American Roulette version of the game). Then, as you watch the croupier spin the roulette wheel in one direction while hurling the tiny ball in the opposite direction, you hold your breath. The game is won by the number the ball lands on.

To join the next revolution:

  1. Log in account. Don’t have an account yet?
  2. Once logged in, make a deposit and head off to the Game Browser.
  3. Select the Live Casino tab.
  4. Choose the type of Live Roulette game you want to play to enter the lobby and then select one of the available options.

Zooming in on the game

A dealer will appear on your screen when you play Live Roulette online on a desktop or laptop. The rotating wheel will be clearly visible to the dealer, who will be seated behind the Roulette table. Additionally, you will be able to see the player chat, racecourse betting, your bet options, statistics with a history of games going back up to 500 game rounds, and more on your screen.

The Roulette racetrack and all the numbers you can wager on will be displayed on your screen if you access our live casino using a mobile device. You can start the video mode from the menus and see the live dealer, the spinning wheel, and other gaming choices.

There are 37 spaces on the roulette wheel, numbered 0 to 36. The objective of the game is to guess which slot the ball will land in. The dealer will invite players to place their bets for the following round of play between each round of play. The dealer will call once more to let the players know that betting has ended before tossing the ball onto the rotating wheel. The winning number will show up on the screen after the ball stops on it, and payouts are issued in accordance with the paytable. Open the Help section and choose Payouts from the menu to examine the paytable.

What are the Placing Bets?

At the start of each game round, the dealer extends an invitation for you to place your bets. Simply tap a number or the desired location on the table to put a wager.

Opening the side menu and choosing the desired chip will allow you to adjust the chip value.

You can place the following different kinds of bets:

Inside bet – a wager made directly in the middle of the betting table between the numbers 0 and 36 (and also 00 if playing American Roulette). There are 5 different kinds of inside wagers, including:

  • Straight – placed on a single number by placing a chip directly on the desired number.
  • Split – placed on the line between two adjacent numbers. You can win if the ball stops on one of those two numbers.
  • Three line – It is placed on a row of three numbers and is referred to occasionally as a street bet. To achieve this, start with one of the 12 rows and place a chip on the line.
  • Corner – insert a chip on the intersection of four digits, which is done by doing so.
  • Six line – selected two rows of three numbers, excluding 0, and placed on six numbers. Put a chip at the beginning of the line that divides the two rows to form a six-line wager.

Outside bet – a bet made all around the number field. Outside wagers have a lesser reward but less risk than inside wagers. Any of the following five things can be an outside bet:

  • Column – placed on 12 numbers by placing a chip on one of the 3 areas labelled 2 to 1.
  • Dozen – placed on 12 numbers that includes 4 rows of 3 numbers. To make a dozen bet, a chip must be placed on one of the areas labelled, 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12.
  • Red/Black – placed on either all the black numbers or all the red numbers, covering a total of 18 numbers. To make a red or black bet, a chip is placed on the unlabelled red or black areas.
  • Even/Odd – placed on either all of the even numbers, excluding 0, or all of the odd numbers. This bet also covers 18 numbers and is made by placing a chip on the areas labelled Even or Odd.
  • 1-18/19-36 – covers either the first 18 numbers, excluding 0, or the last 18. To make 1-18 or 19-36 bet, a chip is placed on the area labelled 1 to 18 or the area labelled 19 to 36.

Neighbour bet – By placing chips on the roulette racecourse, a neighbor bet is placed. These bets are also known as “call bets” and “section bets.” The inside bets cover a string of five numbers as they occur on the roulette wheel and might consist of one or more bets. The two numbers on either side of the chosen number on the roulette wheel will also be included in the neighbour bet when you choose the number to utilize. Thus, if you chose to play “21 and the neighbours,” for instance, your wager would cover the two numbers on each side, or the digits 4, 19, 21, 2, and 25.

What are the favorite bets?

Some roulette games allow you to save regularly played bets and have them placed automatically using a feature called Favorite Bets. Place all of your bets on the table, then access the Favorite Bets section to save a wager as a Favorite. Give your wager a name, then click OK. Open the Favourite Bets option and choose a wager from your list to place one of your Favorite Bets. The placement of each chip is automatic. Any wagers already on the table are cleared when you place a favorite bet.

What are the Different Live Roulette Variants?

Live European Roulette

Without a question, the most played live roulette game in the world is European roulette. This is so because European roulette has better odds than American roulette and is often thought to be simpler to grasp. Live European roulette can be a very social game to play because every European roulette room is typically crowded with lots of other players at the tables. The stakes can vary greatly, and the most wealthy players can readily locate tables accepting wagers of hundreds of dollars.

Live French Roulette

Although live French roulette can initially seem frightening, you’ll quickly learn about the various bets and realize that it’s actually a very entertaining form of the game. But most crucially, it is the roulette variation with the highest RTP, thus players who are just wanting to make money should choose this game above all others. All reputable online casinos allow you to play live French roulette, and they need to provide a wide range of betting options. It certainly is the ideal roulette game for anybody wishing to broaden their horizons!

Live American Roulette

Many individuals play American roulette because they think it’s the most thrilling variation of the game. Even while the RTP is lower than it is for European and French roulette, you can still win a sizeable sum of money when you play, particularly if you correctly predict the exact number. Given the popularity of this game, almost all live casinos will allow players access to it. You may also frequently discover a variety of live American roulette rooms. Furthermore, American roulette is offered by the majority of live casino software suppliers.